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Piston pumps

The system is composed of a double acting piston pump placed into a protection frame and is suitable for wellpoint dewatering systems or horizontal drainage with hoses.


Ground water dewatering

Ground water dewatering


How the THOR piston pump works


  • Automatic dry priming
  • Can run dry indefinitely without risk of damage or excessive wear of parts
  • High efficiency: 93%
  • Reduced and easy maintenance


  • gear casing top inspection cover with double handgrip
  • helical gear wheels in GJS 400 ductile iron
  • steel cylinder with nickel coating for highest wear resistance (900 HV)
  • piston rod in AISI 316 stainless steel (instead of AISI 304 of competitors

Inspection covers for valves, side and bottom of the pump casing

Removable suction filter and side inspection covers

Product range

Model Qmax   Motors
THOR 60  60 Electric-Diesel
THOR 90  90



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