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Saxmag V

Magnetic drive internal gear pumps

They are used in industrial plants for pumping inflammable, explosives, polymerising liquids.


Pumping of viscous liquids

Pumping of viscous liquids


How the Saxmag V magnetic drive pump works

The system consists of a V internal gear positive displacement pump coupled to a Saxmag magnetic drive.

The external rotor is driven by an electric motor through antifriction bearings. It is due to the magnetic forces of the permanent magnets that the internal rotor is driven in synchronism with the motor speed. The rotating magnetic field induces in the containment shell eddy currents attributable to the conductivity of the latter. Hence, there is a heat build-up in the containment shell. In the hydraulic section, part of the pumped fluid is branched off through ports in the rear casing cover, to pass through the inside of the containment shell and return through a shaft bore, thereby dissipating heat.


  • The magnetic coupling allows power to be transmitted without contact and with absolutely no leaks, thanks to the static seal.
  • High torque transmission.
  • Suitable for inflammable, explosives, polymerising liquids.
  • Compliance with ATEX standards.
  • Constant capacity, directly proportional to the rotation speed and virtually independent of the pressure.
  • Smooth flow, without pulses or pressure peaks which could cause vibrations in the pipework.


  • magnets made of high-grade samarium cobalt (SmCo): outstanding features are high magnetic energy density and low unit volume as well as a high operating temperature limit
  • shaft made of ceramic-coated stainless steel

Product range

Model Ports
  mm in
V6 15 1/2"
V12 15 1/2"
V20 40 1 1/4"
V25 40 1 1/4"
V25-2 40 1 1/4"
V30-2 40 1 1/4"
V50-3 50 2"
V60-2 50 2"
V70-2 80 3"
V80-2 80 3"
V100-2 100 4"




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