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Dry prime centrifugal pumps

Highly dependable pumps suitable for wellpoint systems and construction site dewatering.



Ground water dewatering



Ground water dewatering



  • High efficiency pumps: 73%
  • Open impeller allowing the passage of solids of large diameter
  • High resistance to abrasive liquids: turbid, muddy, sandy waters with solids in suspension
  • Easy maintenance: removable front cover for direct access to the impeller and eventual unclogging. Easily replaceable wear plate
  • Hinge cover set for a full and easy inspection of the pump (optional)


  • Heavy duty casing in EN GJL 250 cast iron
  • Oil lubricated mechanical seal

Open impeller with solids handling up to 3” (76 mm).
Available materials:

  • ductile iron
  • marine bronze
  • stainless steel

Easy replaceable wear plate(s)
Available materials:

  • abrasion resistant rubber faced cast iron
  • marine bronze
  • stainless steel

Product range

Model Ports Solids diameter Speed
  mm in mm rpm
Z 4-200 100 4" 40 1450/1750
Z 4-220 40
Z 4-250 50
Z 4-260 76
Z 4-225 100 4" 35 2900
Z 4-255 20
Z 6-240 150 6" 50 1450/1750
Z 6-250 76
Z 6-253 45
 G20   cast iron elastomers in PTFE
 P10  cast iron, elastomers in VITON® silicon carbide mechanical seal 
 P30  graphite/silicon carbide mechanical seal
 Q10   impeller and wear plates in bronze, shaft in stainless steel elastomers in VITON®
 F10  impeller, wear plates and shaft in stainless steel elastomers in VITON®
 F20  elastomers in PTFE




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