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The Varisco Research and Development Center

Brochure variscoEven in a field as that of the pumps, there is still the necessity to constantly improve design and construction materials in order to comply with increasingly restrictive standards concerning occupational safety and environment protection.

Varisco has invested considerable resources to keep its leadership in the field of pumping technology, especially with the three-floor Research and Development Center located next to the factory. The core of the R&D Centre is the laboratory for testing the pumps, which is divided into two areas: water for rotodynamic pumps and oil for volumetric pumps.

The water area consists of three fully automated stations with DC current motors, to accurately control the rotation speed, and a vertical system, more than 10 m high, to test the priming and the NPSH of the 1’’ to 12’’ pumps.

The oil area can house 1’’ to 10’’ pumps. The oil is contained in four tanks with a refrigeration system to maintain the viscosity constant during the test.

The viscosity ranges from 5 to 300 cSt. A state-of-the-art data acquisition system allows the results to be immediately available in order to obtain a detailed analysis.

Brochure variscoMoreover, thanks to the cooperation of selected key users, the personnel of the R&D Centre conducts in-field tests on pumps featuring new materials or new constructive characteristics.

When the ideas of our technicians are proven to be valid, they become a wealth of knowledge and technology available for all our clients that purchase a Varisco machine.




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